Enhancing meaningful participation of individuals with disabilities in the existing labor market or other entrepreneurial ventures.

Labor force participation relies on the bridging of labor supply and demand. For jobseekers with disabilities, both general and disability-specific placement professionals often serve as catalysts between jobs and employers. Despite the importance of this role, research has shown that people with disabilities continue to experience disparate employment and economic outcomes when compared to their non-disabled peers, leaving researchers, policy makers, and practitioners alike wondering why.

The Yang-Tan Institute designs, conducts and evaluates an array of learning opportunities for both people with disabilities and the professionals who support careers for people with disabilities. Our goal is to empower both of these groups to develop meaningful careers and mutually beneficial relationships with employers. The Yang-Tan Institute strongly believes in situated learning for professionals, which provides tools to improve relationships with employers, and tools that support practical application of new knowledge in practitioners’ daily work. All of our research, training and technical assistance to employment support professionals is grounded in the realities they face within the context of their service delivery systems; ensuring relevance and applicability to meet ever-changing stakeholder demands.

Support to jobseekers with disabilities is provided by tools designed to help develop leadership skills, understand their rights as people with disabilities, and understand the labor market they seek to enter or remain in. Faculty and Staff at YTI use interactive web sites, distance learning tools, and in-person training which allows people to explore new information using a number of learning approaches.