In addition to our portfolio of sponsored initiatives, the Yang-Tan Institute provides consultative services to support organizations in advancing the contributions of people with disabilities and ensuring their full inclusion. Our staff have backgrounds in rehabilitation, industrial and organizational psychology, labor economics, human and organizational learning, sociology, rehabilitation counseling, special education, law, and applied statistics. We apply our collective expertise to employment and disability topics to inform businesses, members of the disability community, policy makers, advocates, federal and state agencies, unions, service providers, and other stakeholders.

Training, Technical Assistance and Organizational Development Support

The Yang-Tan Institute team is ready to assist you and your organization in meeting your professional and organizational development goals as they relate to employment and disability.

The expertise of our team international recognized nationally as a highly regarded resource to assist stakeholders in addressing their unique needs—including managing the diversity posed by disability, designing, evaluating and enhancing inclusive workplace practices and wellness programs, implementing evidence-based workforce development and educational practices, designing accessible environments, advancing person-centered planning strategies, and/or other priority needs. These stakeholders include: both large and small, local and global business and industry; state and local education systems; service providers and non-governmental organizations; federal, state and local government; advocacy organizations; policy makers; and, others.

If you have questions on any of the following topics, please contact us at 607-255-7727 or email us at

  • Advancing equal opportunity and inclusive workplaces for people with disabilities
  • Enhancing meaningful participation of individuals with disabilities in the existing labor market or other entrepreneurial ventures
  • Improving inclusive education and successful adult living, learning and earning outcomes for youth with disabilities
  • Supporting quality of life across the life span, through work/life balance, health and well-being
  • Progressing economic well-being and pathways out of poverty through financial and entitlements literacy
  • Advancing person-driven practices to promote leadership development and social inclusion with individuals with disabilities
  • Using innovations and coursework to support learning in authentic environments both domestically and globally

Online Courses on Disability and Employment Support Practices

Online learning provides an affordable, convenient, and learner-friendly environment for today’s busy professional. YTI Online offers courses and certificate programs on topics critical to supporting individuals with disabilities in the workplace.

Our online offerings include:

  • Essentials for Managers: Leading in a Disability Inclusive Workplace
  • Certification for Benefits Planners: Work Incentives Planning and Utilization
  • Leadership for Person-Centered Planners: Citizen-Centered Leadership Development

You can learn more about these three innovative series of online learning courses at

“Cornell has been instrumental in the development, growth and sustainability of our Work Incentive Specialist Advocate program, now recognized as a national best practice.”

David Leon

Ticket to Work Coordinator, Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services

“The Yang-Tan Insitute designed an online, team-driven and data-guided organizational assessment and collaboration tool... which resulted in both improved IDEA and RSA key performance indicator performance.

One evidence of this impact is that in 2005 just 35% of plans created by schools for students with disabilities met the federal quality threshold for inclusion of post-school outcomes, as compared to 89% in 2011.”

Kevin G. Smith

Deputy Commissioner, ACCES-VR

"The Yang-Tan Institute has been a thought leader and a central hub for universities across the nation in disability and employment policy issues."

William Mihalke

University of Hawaii