T1.C3 Foundations of Job Placement


T1.C3 Foundations of Job Placement

Challenging economic times call for the mastery of creative and innovative job placement strategies. Organizations who have adopted the relationship-first approach to job development have found greater success and higher placement retention. This one-day course will focus on the strategies to maximize business partnerships and increase customized placements.

Individuals participating in this course will learn:

1.      The difference between client-specific vs. relationship-building model of job development

2.      Common fears and challenges facing job developers

3.      Concepts of relationship marketing and networking

4.      How to speak “business” language

5.      How to conduct an effective job site analysis

6.      The relevance of labor market trends

7.      The importance of effective marketing tools

8.      Customized employment placement techniques


Individuals will be able to:

1.      Access and interpret local labor market information

2.      Conduct and interpret a job site analysis

3.      Design effective marketing tools

4.      Demonstrate knowledge of work incentives

5.      Demonstrate knowledge of laws and regulations relevant to supported employment placement

6.      Confidently function as an employment advocate and job placement specialist

7.      Make the business case for hiring individuals with disabilities using language that resonates with the business world

8.      Teach the job seeker the key concepts of self-advocacy during the pre- and post-job search phases




March 31, 2020
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


Oakdale, NY