Autism at Work


In the spring of 2018, the Yang-Tan Institute partnered with five multi-national companies to the design and implement within each organization engaged-learning internships. Created as 14-week for-credit experiences for Cornell ILR School undergraduates, these internships focused on workplace neurodiversity inclusiveness.

Students worked in the companies to support applicant recruitment, screening, supervisor training, and working effectively with higher education institutions. Students also worked on other special initiatives focused on identifying applicants and integrating employees with Autism into the business. Eight students have participated to date in these internships to date and we plan to expand the number of companies and students participating in spring 2019.

Project Activities


ILR Internship at SAP: Step behind the scenes with two ILR interns at SAP to find out what the interns accomplished—and how their internship benefited SAP's Autism at Work Program. (3:13)

SAP’s Autism at Work Program: This overview of SAP’s program includes interviews of employees within the program, other SAP employees, and ILR interns. (3:42)

ILR Internship at JPMorgan Chase: Experience the enthusiasm and accomplishments of two ILR interns—and find out more about the Autism at Work program at JPMorgan Chase. (3:50)


Contact Information

Susanne Bruyère
Office Phone: 607-255-9536
Assistant Phone: 607-255-7727

Funding Agencies

Principal Investigator

Susanne Bruyère

Collaborating Partners

JPMorgan Chase & Co., Ernst & Young (EY), SAP, Microsoft, DXC Technology