Career Transitions: A Mentoring Program for Veterans with Disabilities


The Career Transitions program, which was completed on August 31, 2015, provided a 12-month one-on-one career mentoring opportunity for 25 veterans with disabilities. These veterans were transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce, while also adjusting to a newly acquired disability.

Supported by the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, this project facilitated mentoring relationships between corporate mentors and veterans with disabilities. Mentor/Mentee matches were based on geographical location, career interests, and military service to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of the experience. During the mentoring relationship, mentees and mentors were engaged in a broad range of activities that increased knowledge and awareness of barriers and opportunities related to transitioning and career development.

Project Activities

Through this structured, 12-month mentoring project, both veteran mentees and mentors derived significant benefits, including an understanding of the relevance of military service and occupations to the civilian workplace and work culture, acquiring knowledge of effective job search strategies, resume development and effective interviewing skills, and the opportunity to expand business networks and resources. Mentors had the opportunity to contribute to the personal and professional development of fellow veterans while promoting their company’s image as an employer of choice for veterans and persons with disabilities. Several of the Career Transitions mentees have launched new careers in both the public and private sectors as a result of their participation in this project.

Contact Information

Judy Young

Funding Agencies

Blackstone Charitable Foundation

Principal Investigator

Judy Young

Collaborating Partners

U.S. Business Leadership Network