Diversity Partners Employment (DRRP)


Job Developers, Employment Specialists, Workforce Development staff, and others in the public and private sector who connect people with disabilities to jobs are the “bridge” between labor supply and demand. To serve as an effective bridge, these professionals must form meaningful partnerships with employers. A partnership is an arrangement where parties agree to cooperate to advance mutual interests. Ideally, the approach to employers should not just be about making a single placement, it should also be about understanding and meeting the needs of the employer in order to establish a long-term partnership. Universally designed programs help ensure representation of people with disabilities in every partnership with employers, even if the service system also supports other populations.

Diversity partners is a combination of both facilitated training and consultation, and online learning modules, that can help professionals find better employment opportunities for people with disabilities through improved business relationships.

Project Activities

The Diversity Partners intervention combines in-person training, online “toolkits,” and on-demand technical assistance to provide meaningful and needed information to users. The Diversity Partners team created modules to aid direct service personnel to build skills and confidence necessary to improve business acumen, evaluate and leverage labor market demands, and effectively serve job seekers with disabilities. Templates are available for organizational leaders that will help to promote and sustain the organizational change required to improve business relationships, as well as building more cross-sector partnerships.



Contact Information

Diversity Partners
Cornell University
201 Dolgen Hall Ithaca NY 14853

Voice: 1-888-296-3202
TTY: 607-255-2891

Funding Agencies


Principal Investigator

Wendy Strobel Gower

Collaborating Partners

The Diversity Partners advisory panel consists of a diverse team of professionals from employers, disability organizations, disability service agencies, and workforce development agencies.