Inclusive Career Advancement Program — Disability Innovation Fund


In partnership with Oregon Department of Human Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (DHS-VR) and community colleges across Oregon, the Yang-Tan Institute will work to implement an inclusive career pathways program for recipients of vocational rehabilitation services in Oregon.

The Inclusive Career Advancement Program (ICAP) will leverage Oregon’s current statewide success in utilizing career pathways for other populations, including integrated education and wraparound support, to advance educational and economic equity for people with disabilities, including those from marginalized populations.

Project Activities

  • ICAP will braid the supports and services of all 17 community colleges (urban, suburban, and rural) in the state, the Department of Human Service’s VR program, and the state’s Self-Sufficiency programs. ICAP will also collaborate with local employers and other WIOA workforce partners. ICAP is a comprehensive, coordinated and personalized approach to engage 500 VR clients through the provision of layered coaching supports and navigation capacity (an evidence-based practice for increasing access and success at community college campuses in Oregon) with the current taxonomy of VR services.
  • YTI will evaluate the project’s implementation and performance to document the efficacy of specific practices and strategies.

Contact Information

Funding Agencies

US Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration

Principal Investigator

Kimberly Osmani

Collaborating Partners

Oregon DHS-VR, Portland Community College