Oregon DHS-VR: Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Learning Collaborative


In partnership with Oregon Department of Human Services – Vocational Rehabilitation, the Yang-Tan Institute (YTI) will develop and deliver robust training and professional development to vocational rehabilitation counselors and staff, as well as vendors, across the state of Oregon. The content will include a broad array of topics, such as vocational rehabilitation, employment services, and transition.

Project Activities

YTI will provide:

  • Eighteen in-person full-day training sessions. These will be offered quarterly over a period of 3 consecutive days (up to 8 hours) and designed in partnership with Oregon DHS-VR leadership to provide a Boot Camp experience.
  • Twenty-two live virtual training sessions (up to 4 hours) will be offered twice per month across the 18-month project period. Their length will vary depending on the topic/content.

Contact Information

Funding Agencies

Oregon Department of Human Services Vocational Rehabilitation (DHS-VR)

Principal Investigator

Collaborating Partners

Oregon DHS-VR