Sibling Education Resource, Training and Information Network (SERTAIN)


A two-year project, Sibling Education Resource, Training and Information Network (SERTAIN), was developed to provide online educational materials and training opportunities for siblings on sibling-related issues and for services providers on culture and practice change around sibling engagement.

The work is more widely known by the name of the website resource,

Project Activities

  • Web-based education and training resources for adult siblings and service providers
  • Core training topic areas via SibChats phone-in meetings and live web-based presentations
  • Expanding the NYS network of adult siblings of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities
  • Enhancing and expanding the sibling database and therefore the networking capacity by intersecting the sibling network with current and new statewide and national disability advocacy networks
  • Using website and customer satisfaction analytics to inform current and future resource needs


Contact Information

Carol Blessing

Funding Agencies

NYS Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC)

Principal Investigator

Carol Blessing

Collaborating Partners

Sibling Leadership Network, SibsNY